Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Do you believe that social media has increased the quality of news and information or decreased it.

       I do believe that social media has increased the quantity of news, but at the same time decreased the quality of new that you are receiving.
          Today era is very fast. Nobody has a spare time. So, everybody use the technology. Social media is a part of technology for mass communication. The activity in media continued to expand. Advancements in technology further allowed citizen monitoring, and the popularity of Twitter and other social media helped in broadcasting.  And this all comes as many communities face cutbacks and reduced coverage from traditional media. The traditional news hierarchy has been upended. With actual news, and items that look suspiciously like news, coming at us from a variety of outlets, how do we know what to trust? How do we distinguish credible information from raw information, misinformation and propaganda? And if all information is created equal, why will anyone seek out quality journalism — especially if we think it’s all driven by bias anyway?
I do really like the idea of people sharing their ideas, and inputting there journalistic facts and information, towards their social media of choice.  I just do not like the idea, that I am getting false information. I actually do enjoy getting my news from the internet.  It is much easier and convenient to do then possibly, reading the newspaper.  This has also decreased sales for newspaper companies. But I do not enjoy having to search more than one source, just to make sure that all the information I get is accurate.  So overall, I am torn between the easy accessibility of the internet, and knowing that it is not all true.  And the newspaper, which I know is more accurate than the internet.


  1. I completely agree with your comment, because it's true nobody has the time anymore to find things out on their own, so they rely on technology to do it for them because it's quick and easy. Also it really is hard to trust which news reporters are reporting the truth, or if it's just a bias opinion. It's also hard to tell if the news we are hearing about is even accurate half the time. I enjoyed reading your blog. Your opinion on this was interesting. Great blog!

  2. I also agree about your answer that you gave, because I hardly have the time to watch an sit in front of the tv to watch the news, im always on the go so whenever I need to find out about something I just use my phone and if its big news soo many people post it on facebook so you can find the info very fast.