Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Do you think that social media has the potential to bring about real social change?

I am assure that social media has the great potential to bring about real change in our society. There are so many different things that it has allowed us to do. Social media allows us to get in touch with people that are all over the world. For example, sites such as Facebook virtually place all of your friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances and even enemies in the same room. You are able to chat with them, send them a message, post a comment, "like", "poke", and more. You are literally able to do this for as many friends as you have on your Facebook. Instead of picking up the phone and calling someone; one on one, the mentality is to interact over Facebook. The shift from face-to-face interaction to a more social media based interaction is both good and bad. In one way it allows separated families and friends to stay close to each other, giving them the ability to see what each other is doing. On the other hand, it has reduced the need for face-to-face interaction for friends and family that are already close.
One another example, if any natural disaster happens, people can message to each other through social media, also provides help to affected people. It can bring bigger change in society.
I believe that social media is a tool which is already used very efficiently by majority of people and it will continue to be used in the future, as it is a growing phenomenon and a part of new technology. It has the potential to bring about real social change by its unlimited access and easy availability.


  1. Shailesh I enjoyed reading your post, because you pointed how the social media sites can bring forth a different aspect of social interaction and how it can bring forth social change through charities and different organizations. I believe that social interaction over the social media sites can bring social change by people encouraging and influencing others to get involved and do positive things. For example give to charities.
    Another thing that I liked that you pointed out about Social Media sites is that it allows separated families and friends to stay close to each other, giving them the ability to see what each other is doing. This is positive cause family and friends that are not in the same Country can still make change happen together even though they are far apart

  2. I like how you argue both the positive sides and the negative sides. From how easy it is to now talk to whoever you want, whenever you want instead of having to pick up the phone and hope they answer. To how it can also ruin our face to face communication and our speaking skills due to the fact that we're constantly using social media.

    However, I don't think that being able to help specific people through social media was what the question was asking. Being able to use social media as a tool to spread awareness isn't really the same as the way social media has changed our communication skills.

  3. Social may be a vital tool for communication but really falls short of becoming the driving factor alone behind social change, A movement's strength and foundation come from its followers.

  4. Yes, social media brings friends and families together, also it connects people who do not know each other like an example you said about nature disaster help. There are many events created by unknown groups of people via social media. At the same time they stop some of negative action that was taken by bias.

  5. Good job on your blog. I agree with all of your examples. Social media is a great way to contact and keep in touch with family and friends all over the world. It is true that social media has reduced the need for face to face interactions.