Thursday, 12 January 2012

Social Media is the biggest shift since the Industrial revolution.

Social media is steadily changing and growing every year, it consistently invites people to interact with one another without actually having a face to face conversation. Most common social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are used on a daily day basis to communicate with friends and family differently and even interact with celebrities around the world. I personally use facebook as another way to interact with my friends and family. With facebook, it allows me to see and comment on my friends pictures, videos, notes and their personal statuses etc.  Social media has rapidly become a popular way to interact with others that even business companies use it as a tool to get their brands products or services known to the public. They have ads and pictures being put onto the facebook site that people are constantly on and can now reach out to billions of people in the world advertising their brands products or services which could lead to potential clients. Social media has also been used as a way to raise awareness of local events or tragedies going on in the world. When tragedy’s such as the tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year, most people were being aware of this terrible event through twitter, facebook or youtube. Students who don’t watch the news see tons of facebook/twitter updates ,pictures and videos posted  about it and look it up on youtube to see what is going on. My perception is that social media has become the biggest shift today and isn’t a fad. It will continue to grow and develop because even today, facebook is always being upgraded to make it better then it was before. Eventually something new and better will come up for future generations to enjoy just like people today enjoy the many ways of interacting with others across the globe.


  1. I totally agree with the finding out things that are happening without watching the news. I never watch the news, and frankly with facebook i don't feel the need to :P.. if there is anything important happening that i would need to know i'd see it on there.
    I don't even have to watch the weather channel either, cause when its snowing, everyones status seems to be the obvious that "it is snowing outside".

  2. I completely agree with you, its very true that even though we don't all watch the news, most of us actually are aware of global events because of social media. It has had a huge impact on the way we communicate, its so simple to know what friends and family are up to especially those who don't live close by just going on Facebook or twitter.

  3. While I do agree with everything in this article, it would have been nice to see a different take on social media. Everything here is displaying social media in a positive light, and rightfully so. However, what would some of the negatives of social media be and how would they affect people in general?